What does it mean to be a Farmer?

Farming in beYou takes patience, dedication and commitment. Start with a seed packet with the plant of your choice. Once planted, you must keep up with the watering and give your plants time to mature. You can apply fertilizer to speed up the growth time and if you have expired food items, these can be converted into fertilizer. Once your plant has progressed through all of the growth stages it will be ready to harvest. With your harvest you can use your plants to eat, cook in your kitchen or you can sell them on the market for cash to other users.

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Collect your favorite seed packets and place a water tower near by to provide you with a steady water supply!
Water & Fertilize
Fertilizer, Water and Compost
Carefully water and fertilize over time and with a little patience and care and they will begin to mature.
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Once completely matured you can harvest your crop. A crop harvest provides farming skill points, plants that can be eaten or cooked!

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