So you want to be a Master Chef?

beYou offers a dynamic cooking system that works inside your kitchen. Gather recipes, mix ingredients and earn cooking skills while preparing meals for yourself, friends and family. You can obtain recipes from the beYou Market and load up your kitchen with all the ingredients necessary to prepare the final dish. Whether its a single dish recipe or something more involved that requires multiple dishes, you can take each recipe step by step to cook everything to perfection.

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Collect your favorite recipes and add them to your collection. Re-use the recipes at anytime and enjoy the benefits of building your cooked meal from scratch!

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Carefully prepare each ingredient in your recipe, making sure each ingredient gets used. Cook the dishes one by one and gain cooking skills while doing it.

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If you have the skills and are determined to prepare each dish, you and your family and friends can enjoy the benefits while eating your hard work. Each meal delivers game benefits.