What does it mean to be a Lawyer?

Pursuing a Law/Judicial career in beYou means you will handle many of the legal operations required in the game. What exactly does this mean? Well to start off people will need to start families and adopt children. It will be the legal professionals who are able to handle these tasks. How will you perform these tasks? As a beYou Lawyer, you will have access to both the in-world Law items and on the website you will be given access to the lawyer submission forms. You will also be given Law study materials to help with improving your skill level. We will be adding more and more tasks as time goes on.

Marriage Certificates

Get contacted by other beYou members wishing to start a family and marry their loved ones.

Adoption Papers

Help people adopt their children and give access to more child controls via the beYou Meter.

Divorce Agreements

Sometimes it just doesn't always work out. People need help in these situations.