What does it mean to be a beYou Doctor?

As a beYou doctor you have a decision to make about what specialty you will practice. You must choose between General Practice and Pharmacy . If you choose General Practice you will be doing tasks such as seeing patients, giving checkups, diagnosing problems and creating Prescriptions. As a Pharmacist you will use various medical crafting supplies to create medications to be used to clear up any problem situations. General Practice doctors will require a Medicure Tablet, a Medical Exam Table and several medical supplies to perform checkups. Pharmacists will require the Pharmacist Crafting Table and a wide variety of crafting supplies to create each medication.

General Practice

General Practitioner's are the only ones who can create Prescriptions. Prescriptions are necessary for medications to be delivered to the user who need them. A prescription is generated by giving a checkup on the exam table, and if the patient has a condition the exam will uncover it. Once the condition is determined a prescription will automatically be generated in the system.


Pharmacist's are the only ones who can craft medications. In order to do this you will use the Pharmacist Crafting Table in conjunction with any of the crafting medication instructions. Each instruction comes with a list of all required ingredients. Together with the ingredients and the table, you can create any of the medications necessary for treating any condition in beYou. You can fill a prescription below using the Prescriptions tab.


Illnesses in beYou are fictitious and not meant to cause any major hindrance to regular game play. The various illnesses are acquired through the beYou products and are tracked on your beYou account. Over time, certain items may positively or negatively affect your health attributes. If any of your health attributes are raised it can trigger symptoms and regular signs through the meter and the Hud.

Jungle Jock
Lincolns Jamminitis
Monkey Pox
Pilzberry Candidiasis
Poison Oxen Weed
Zittis Vulgaris
Poonamis Syndrome
Acute Hygienic Arrest
Anemic Patte Deficiency
Farmer's Ear
Flying Shingles
Milk Foot
Smithers Bronchitis
Strippers Throat
The Clap
Acute Patisseritis
Buzzing Fever
Drug Induced Rooster Skin
Pigeon Rabies
Zombie Intolerance

Medications can be crafted on the Pharmacist's Crafting Table. These all have crafting instructions that outline the ingredients necessary for each one. We may publish this on the website at a later time. All of this information is available in the notecards provided in the crafting instructions.


Triage patients, provide wellness checks & provide various medical services.

Triage & Treatment
Triage & Treatment

Learn to craft medicines and create treatments for a variety of sicknesses and injuries.

Craft Medicines
Craft Medicines

Provide prescriptions and medicines to your patients.