Professional Football

Choose a Professional Football Career Path

Let your athletic talents drive your Second Life with BeYou Football! Access to a whole new way to play the sport in Second Life. Practice makes perfect! The more you practice the better your performance can be. As you build up skills you can change your sports profile to customize your ability. Speed, agility and strength will all be things you can improve upon.

Existing leagues will still have access to the older football system. Signing up with a team in the BeYou system will not affect any of your other football activities. Managers of BeYou teams will have many options to control rosters, trade players and compete against other BeYou teams.

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Professional Futbol

Choose a Professional Futbol Career Path

BeYou teamed up with SLFutbol to bring you a new and improved experience! Updated HUD's and improved controls allow you to practice and improve your skill set. Integrated with the beYou system, you can join teams and improve your player potential. Just as in all beYou sports your profile will interact with your game time abilities.

New sprint controls with real-time information about sprint time and strength are in the HUD. Managers can control their rosters and customize their teams to try and win the Cup!

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